Electrical Safety

Safety Is a Way of Life at Connelly Electric

Safety is a way of life at Connelly Electric, and we emphasize pre-planning for safety on every job. Our management teams are held accountable for safety performance, and the responsibility for accident prevention is shared at every level of our organization. We believe everyone plays a vital role in correcting unsafe procedures, practices, and conditions.

Extensive Safety Training

Under the leadership of our Director of Field Operations, our company remains dedicated to programs, training, and services that emphasize a commitment to comprehensive safety standards. The Director oversees every aspect of safety at Connelly Electric and works directly with our Safety Manager to provide an inclusive safety education for our employees, ensuring that Connelly Electric meets and exceeds the strict government standards.

All our foremen and construction design office personnel are required to complete OSHA 30 training. Each employee receives mandatory training and attends daily safety meetings at project locations. Because of the nature of our work, we emphasize OSHA electrical safety training. Our programs are based on high standards that help ensure our employees’ safety, even while they are performing high voltage electrical work. For projects where clients are on site during construction, our Director implements comprehensive training programs to ensure that safety remains a true focus of everyone involved.

Improving Safety Is Good for Business

We believe that our commitment to safe, secure, and incident-free projects and job sites contributes to improved operations, increased reliability, lower costs, and higher productivity.  Our EMR is .74.

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